everyday with my son

Small stories of how it all went along

Nuthin’ much yet

Liam is still a peaceful boy. Nothing is happenning much as he is still too young. He can now roll over, recognize faces he likes and hated or scared of, he grab stuff, reach out and other little things. But the funny thing he just learned was the sound of his milk bottle, the ‘squish-squish’ sound while you shake it–he smiles when he hears this as it is a signal that he is about to feed, his face will instantly brighten with a smile.

I dont have much time that I share with Liam as my hand is filled with his rambunctious big brother. But the few moments I shared with him was mostly peace sprinkled with a few smiles and giggles, few ‘uhhgs and mmmms’ sounds, a few grabbing of my fingers or things in front of him, staring at colorful objects etc.

I know in a few months maybe around his 7th month and onwards there would be a few more ‘magic tricks’ that’ll happen and nicely to watch out for.


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