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Walk of Shame

It is that harsh moment that you feel that everyone’s eyes are focused on you. The stares, side comments, shaking of heads, snickers etc that darts your soul and gripped it. And it happens everytime Kenzo throws tantrums in public or those family gatherings & parties.

It is an awkward situation with no good immediate solution, because tantrums are developed thru a long period, by giving in too much to your kid’s every whim, hence the soultion to it is also a process of undoing his bad actions and correcting it. Tantrums are a bit unexpected too, with Kenzo at home we dont see this as a big deal but when you bring him out with other people and it happened that is the time you get to realized how bad the situation has gone outta hand. We kinda see his his fake cries more if it is done in public while at home we got accustomed to it and does not noticed it as much.

Tantrums are reflection of how we are as a parent, in a way it is like a report card which we sadly got a C.

Back to the drawing board as they say. We need to redraw our parenting styles to stop all this. We need to have him disciplined or else we will continue to pick him up from the floor and crying in every parties or toy store we go to.


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2 thoughts on “Walk of Shame

  1. Time outs. Even at the shops. Sometimes, you just have to bite the bullet and pick them up and leave.

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