everyday with my son

Small stories of how it all went along

& for those great things

There is an unbelievable feeling when you see your baby smile, giggle. Those great sense of pride when you see him growing slowly and gradually attaining his milestones listed in http://www.babycenter.com. An unexplainable feeling when you see his eyes glow when he recognized you or when the sun bathe his smooth skin with yellow sunlight.

Indeed those are the great perks of parenthood and not to be had by those single, childless folks. Yeah, those free, hip, joyous, moneyed, happy, relaxed, chill kinda folks. Uhrrmm… back to the topic, having a baby is indeen a moment of joy… though, scientifically it is really just evolution to make you feel good so that it’ll stop you from throwing your crying kid in the middle of night when you have to go to work early the next morning to finish your stacked work or reach your work deadlines.

Whether evolution or natural instinct the thing is it is still a good way to relax and make you forget how tough the world outside his tiny crib. Literaly, you can be lost in your baby’s charm and forget all the unpaid bills, cost of powdered milk and diapers, high cost of living, violence, muslim seperatist, slow internet connection, falling stock prices, climate change….


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