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French Parenting

With all our challenges with Kenzo on how he behave a few (or maybe most ) times in public or at home, I thought about maybe considering getting help from the good ways of French Parenting.

‘Bringing Up the Bebe’ the book of Pamela Druckerman descirbes how behave and disciplined French kids are, and this is where Kenzo is a bit on the weak side.

It has good points and I am really interested in trying it to Liam. I picked up the book at the prefect timne us French starts most of their ‘learning process’ at 3 months and this is what Liam’s age as of now.

I am all for it in trying this new way of parenting which is entirely different from our american-based style. But sadly, I am the only one. His Mum does not want any of it and insist on doing it on her own parenting norms. “if ain’t broke ( or not soo broke ) dont fix it.” is maybe her reason on why not too keen on doing it.

I still continue to read the remaining pages of it just for enetertainment as I know His Mum wont even consider a page of it. Well, it is a good book even though learnings I get from this will never be used. I maybe will just give it out and let other mum ( with open mind to new stuff ) benefit from it.


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