everyday with my son

Small stories of how it all went along


I have been quite distance to him because taking care of Kenzo is lot already. It would be difficult for anyone to keep an eye on both. At home, I will just keep Kenzo company while I let his Mum or Nana to thier magic.

This set up is easy for all of us but it also mean getting just a few bonding times with Liam. On days that Kenzo is not here and Liam is alone, I prefer to just recharge by hanging around and relaxing to be energized when Kenzo come back.

Anyway, it is still a long ways to go. Maybe by his last quarter of his first year will be a time for me to get my ‘feet wet’ , so to speak.

Just a week ago he begun to turn to his side and lift his head, which is a milestone for him.

Liam is such a nice boy. so peaceful and he look angelic, I know all parents say that, but really he is.

hope he grow up to be like his kuya but a little tame version will be nice.


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