everyday with my son

Small stories of how it all went along

New year 2015

I hope 2014 will end and 2015 gonna start well. We have a lot of things to do like the usual parties but more than that is the wedding of Leinee on the 2nd. At first, I dont wanna join due to adtional cost and trouble of attending but LO and BEHOLD I got financial assistance to buy myself a suit.

So, the whole fam is goin, Liam Kenzo, mum and me. There would be another one on the 12th that wrapped our wedding celebrations this 2015.

2014 was actually great as I spend a part of it in USA, I got some sale for PruLife, but other than that it has been uneventful.

2015 will be about house construction as this will be the year to start it and Liam’s growing months will also be a big moment to look out for.

just like anyone, I am hoping for a better 2015… but that is just my hope, i dont know what life will bring me this year, However, if future is based on the past.. then I am very SCREWED but let us see.


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