everyday with my son

Small stories of how it all went along



Just this morning, I figured to give Kenzo a simple treat. We done it several times during his summer break but not recently.

Kenzo has been longing for his playmate. He has one but sometimes that kid is not staying here. So kenzo will end up waiting and being sad that he cannot play. There are other kids but they are either big or too small for him, plus he is a bit shy approaching others to be invited.

Last xmas we went to Qc and he played a lot with Jaoquin and Shawn, he really enjoyed it and wants to go back again.

He has been wanting to play but most of the time he played with adults or just by himself.

So, today I gave him a treat. we plannned to follow his tita to tagaytay but horrendous traffic up there in the news made us scared to even try.

He end up with is small pool, not as fun with a playmate but still an upgrade than playing with his Legos alone.


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