everyday with my son

Small stories of how it all went along

a slice of our day

Not a day will pass, really, that we dont end up shouting at Kenzo. Not because he changed his ways but life now, since we have Liam, had changed. We have quite a lot on our plate and dealing with kenzo’s strong willed personality forced us to want for a really big plate, so to speak.

It is been tough, really tough. Am sure our neighbors are well aware of it as our voices, “STOP!, YOU ARE NOT LISTENING! SHIT! FUCK! SHUT UP! NO! QUIET! DONT CRY! STOP CRYING!” ring in every corner of our house. It is not a pretty sight and it is not how to raise a family. But what can we do? She put us in this corner and now we cannot just say we give up.

The only time we really enjoy our day is that about 2 hours after Liam and Kenzo sleeps. That starts around 7pm and our room is very quiet. That is the ONLY we get a precious time spent on uninterrupted rest.


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