everyday with my son

Small stories of how it all went along

a day before christmas

It was a rainy one and sadly, that ruined it for mum. All of a sudden she dont want to cook, prepare and celebrate. Just like that it ended. The rain was not letting up and it rained the whole night until the afternoon. it was a wet one and quite a first as far as I can remember.

Around lunch I talked mum out of not celebrtating. I said, she waited for xmas for a year, planned it, day-dreamed about it and now due to the heavy rains she wont celebrate. That is only the time she got some sense of it and decided to go with it. but it ws kinda too late. The celebration was haphazard, party is not as expected but good thing it happened but not in a christmassy way.

Kenzo got really nice gifts form Momsie, tita and aunt ting. Really nice presents and additional toys to your truck load of playthings. Considering we almost did not celebrate Xmas, it still ended in a sort of nice way.


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