everyday with my son

Small stories of how it all went along


I have been tolerant of Kenzo’s actions and from the begining I prefer to act the role of the ‘good cop’ but as time passed I am pushed to my own limits it led me to act a bit hard. Just the other night, I tried for several times to make him stop hitting but he wont and everytime I would asked him to stop he will comeback with another round of force. Then I snap and really got mad, I would not call it all out violence but it is one of few times that really gave him a hard time.

After asking him to stop hitting, I said to stop and I warned him that’ll be MAD if he wont. I even counted to warn him more, but he still continued then I reacted by shouting, grabing his arms and brought him outside the room. I went even further by bringing him to our attic with an intention of leaving him there, I also locked him out but her mum intervene for me to stop.

He immediately said sorry, just like he always do. He would try to hug to show he is sorry, and when we hug that is the time I felt he is shaking from crying in fear, then I feel sorry for what I have done.

He cried for maybe 10 minutes and shook for about half that time. It was a real tough situation and I know if only I have a choice or I can be more tolerant ( but kinda hard now as I am now in a very stress situation) I would and should have not done it.

Discipline is a tricky thing. the line that cross discipline and violence is a thin one.


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