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Is it frustration or discipline?

When we hit our kids, is it to discipline or a result of frustration?

I am in a lot of stress lately ( as our finances have gone haywire and very close to being maxed out, will talk about this on my next post ) and being patient to Kenzo is getting more and more of a challenge. I realized that I was more understanding of him when our life is a lot better and times are good but this last few days it is really at its worst, that made me a bit tough on my kid. I easily snap. My set-limits are low that make me give out punishment (but nothing as violent as briusing, breaking a bone, or cuts) a bit easy than before. I would resort to shouting, punishing him by hiding his toys, ipad etc.. I would even force him to take a bath by grabbing his hand and almost wrestle him until we are done , which unlike before I would let him take his time, convince him to take a bath, promised playtime in the bathroom etc. It was a nicer scenario and easier life then.

But now, since I am in a lot of stress, I actually wished all of this to end but really it is only the start, I have been a bit harsh and I justify this by calling it discipline. Half of me tells me that I am just teaching my kid manners and how to show respect but half tells me I am just stressed and taking out my problems on him.

Being a parent is a really strange and when I thought I had it figured out then there are more puzzles to finish.


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