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Other side of the coin


I went to the US with some money and with the promise that there would be quite a work to do. I took out susie’s rent income which is around $1700 and planned to give it to her before I leave, it will also be my emergency fund. I planned to just use some of my own money (which is very few maybe more or less around $700). But it didnt work that way.

When I arrived there is really no work (in a strict sense) and to get even asked to be paid is even stupid as I am given free hotel room, food, daily accomodation, other wonderful freebies etc. So I am there in a far place without access to my bank account or even credit card. I am expected to buy stuff for the baby and toys, clothes for Kenzo and even some give-aways. I also need to pay for some extra for some of my lunch, to buy soda, clothes for myself and other small expenses.

I am hoping that the baby clothes and kenzo’s toys will be paid for by tereh but of course it is weird to seek compensation for it, for obvious reason.

I ended up buying a lot of kenzo’s stuff and baby’s and realized in the end that the $1700 I planned to surrender to Susie was all spent.

but I can still withdrew from my account and transfer it to Susie’s, yes? but five days after

I arrived in Manila, I was thrown with a curveball, Tereh was misdiagnosed* by her OB GYNE ( Zennath Palala) and was asked to be confined for four days. The money I have as reserve was eaten up by hospital bills.

Yes, vacation is real great experience and seeing the other side of the world for a longer period is a happy moment but on the other side of MY coin is bitter one to swallow.

* after a second and third opinion, it was later confirmed that she don’t have to be confined and what she experienced was normal and nothing to be worried about. The money spent for medicine and confinement are just expenses that we can really do without.


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