everyday with my son

Small stories of how it all went along

Life’s U Turn

Life do not come with a restart button. I am now faced with the truth that I have a responsiblity to Kenzo of making sure he will gets a good future. Sadly, a good future means having good income and money. I am now in the point of restarting my life to get as much as money as I can earn and ensure Kenzo’s future at the same time…but how? I lived in the Philippines where restarting a carreer, if you are over 40, is almost impossible.

The only hope I have is to go overseas. Maybe US, CAN, NZ or AU. It is the only chance I have to get a chance at ‘life’s U-turn. It is my only chance to be worthwhile and relevant.

But how? I am a Registered Cost Accountant and a Registered Financial Planner but I have yet to gain real qualified experience to work on that path. I dont have world class marketable skills that other countries will jump in to get me. I am just an ordianry citizen wanting to have an honest chance. 



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