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Mcdonald’s Kiddie Crew


From their leaflets Mcdonald’s Kiddie Crew is open to kids 7 and up, I did not know 3 year olds like Kenzo can join.

It was one afternoon while we were eating lunch the store manager approached me and informed me about the program. I got a bit excited that they can let Kenzo join so just after a day we immediately joined.

On his first day, on our way there Kenzo fell asleep and we just force woke him in the store itself…which make him grumpy.

His Momsie, Tito Tj, Tita Maan were all there to watch him and give moral support but due to his interupted sleep it took him quite a while before he agreed to join other kids.

But when he did join and he started to enjoy it bit by bit. We waited for him to finish while he do his work making Sundaes and serving them, getting Sodas etc… it was all fun 1st day.

I think it was the timing of his shift, or maybe other variables, but Kenzo did not quite enjoy his 2nd day there. Again, his sleep was interupted that made him wishing to sleep rather than work. or perhaps his ‘playmates’ like Aunt Ting, Tito Tj and Tita Maan was there again, maybe he preferred to just play with them than stay behind the counter. It was not a fruitful second day and we just ended it by eating Sundaes.

Overall, it is still a nice thing for Mcdonald’s to let kids work there and importantly making sure that stores are safe for kids to move around. It was a fun program and will probably do it again next summer.


Hard time

It is been a tough last few weeks for Kenzo, as I am starting to “step on the gas” and get a bit hard on him. I am trying to do my best to get him to “line-up” and to be disciplined.

There are shouts, tugging of arms, slapping of hand and behind all in the effort to make him listen and follow.

It is tough on my part as anger can really consume you and even affect the the rest of my day. Not a pretty thing to do but at the end of everything it all, it is needs to be done.

But he is still a tough kid. He is most of the time unperturbed and the slapping are just ignored.

and now I know it is still a long and hard way ahead.

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