everyday with my son

Small stories of how it all went along

Harder to handle

Kenzo is now harder to handle than a year ago. He is now significantly heavier, faster and stronger. One of his favorite game is running around our bedroom and often I am a victim of his exuberance in a painful way. He loves to jump on our bed but unfortunately he also loves to land on me. He would run from across the room, jump and land on me with his full momentum and weight.

he gets a lot of fun doing this but I get a few days worth of back pains. I now know it is not worth it and I am now getting the raw end of the deal. I am starting to slowly reprimand him to stop or lessen it.. or maybe, do it when I am aware enough to protect myself from thick pillows and not do it when I am sleeping or unware.

in a few more months, I can see things to get a bit more tougher and injury related to it a bit more common.


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