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It is common for anyone to compare ourselves to the people around us. We compare our fashion, wealth, assets etc.. we instinctively do that to feel good about ourselves and to know what to aspire for, but sadly most of the time it just make us sick knowing that we dont have what others enjoy.

As they say, grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, this is true to most adults or even kids. That is the point of my argument earlier, I think Kenzo should be put in an school environment where he can easily adapt. Earlier today, we were discussing what grade school Kenzo will enroll in. I said not to put him in an elite (for really rich kids) school but just on the average middle class school. Not on those class A-B types but just on the B-C type because in reality that is where we belong. I think, Kids can be brutal at times and if any kid is placed in a world where he/she is seen as “poor” compared to the norm, this can have an affect on his confidence. The way I see it, it is gonna be tough to any kid to always financially compare himslef to his peers. (It is gonna be hard to always ask why others have this and that but not me.) Kids and teens still has a developing self image and placing anyone in that situation can be a challenge to them to hurdle.

If I have my way, I want life easy for him as he adjust from being a kid to a nice young man…. but that is just me.



Parents with too many kids, with more than they can handle, should not complain of being a stressed-out. Firstly, it is not the fault of the kid that you did not intelligently plan your family. Secondly, being an adult you should have known of the consequences and the many years of responsiblity attached to being a parent.

The thing I detest is when I see parents failure to juggle their job responsibilities and being a parent would complain about being stressed with dealing with their kid’s tantrums, noise, mess and all those things kids do by being kids.

My take on it, before pulling down your underwear, the parent (or would be parent) should take note of all the issues (not just the cute stuff babies do) and hard work in taking care of a baby. In advance they should know how to balance life, work, and parenting.. and if everything can run smoothly, that can be the right time, IMHO.

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