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“Then pay for it!”

You are always bound to lose an argument when you don’t have money and the rebuttal against your points are “then pay for it!”.

When I complain (how I don’t like the style, color etc) about clothes that was just purchased, I will get a reply “you don’t like that? then get a new one and PAY FOR IT!”

“I think we should just enroll him now to an affordable school and just transfer at High School.”

“Then pay for it”

“I think a less luxurious house will be better than…”

“Then pay for it.”

“Then pay for it.” is such a glorious response to a man without much and has virtually no self-esteem. It is straight to the point and like a sword slashing a major artery, death is assured and painful.

When you know you don’t have enough liquidity to back up your arguments, it is likely that you will just fold, shut up AND NOT BE A PART IN ANY OF IT.

The solution I have to all of this is just to be quiet and not be a part of the process. If she want her dream house and burn all her savings on it because she is paying for it, then GO but ain’t gonna be a part of it.


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