everyday with my son

Small stories of how it all went along

Toddler = Mess


One drawback of always wanting to have a clean room/house is doing the seemingly unending cleaning, especially if you have a kid.

Kenzo is one firecracker around the house plus he has a mountain of toys and this combination can make my desire for order a bit unrealistic.

I like order and a house that is quite clean. It gives me a high to see clean spaces, quite relaxing honestly, but saddly in an instant it can turn a pristine room to a disaster-crime scene-play area. It is tough to keep the order unless you have the energy to keep on cleaning as fast as Kenzo do the scattering.

In the middle of the seemingly endless picking up of toys, I wonder maybe it is better to just let things messy and just clean at the end of the day rather than race to clean every half an hour and just face the danger of accidentally hurting myself by stepping on the very painful LEGO blocks resting on the floor.


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