everyday with my son

Small stories of how it all went along


Last night was a frightful one, and to think it is 3 days before chirstmas, a fire broke out about 60 meters away from us. We thought our sunday will end just like any uneventful night but we are so wrong.

Everyone from our neighborhood just watch helplessly as the blaze go higher and smell of burning plastic and wood filled the night. Great thing, mum is among the first one who saw the fire and hurriedly took Kenzo out of harm’s way, to his grandma’s house 2kms away.

I was just coming out of the shower and was startled with shouts of warning from downstairs. Confusion, worry, panic was the norm but luckyly am just a bit perturbed as I felt we are not in the danger zone YET. I felt a harsh gush of wind toward us plus a fierce blaze will be the unfortunate cocktail to put us in real trouble. At that moment we are not there yet, but we can get easily be.

We packed important and our expensive stuff, placed it in the car and parked in a safe place.

I saw our peaceful neighborhood shocked and in disbelief with the incident in front of us. I even saw an old lady reading some prayer book in a curb. Goodthing, in after 3 hours of ordeal all did end.. in a few minutes all went back to normal and back to, maybe, preparing again for chirstmas.


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