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I used to not beleive in Insurance, maybe because on how agents hardsell them. I used to hate it and would not even inquire about it for fear of being pester with a sale.

Until one day Suze Orman went to the Philippines and was interviewd by Karen Davila on ANC. She spoke about how important to be protected by a coverage.

She said, If someone is dependent on you for financial support you need insurance! So, if u are a parent with young kids YOU MUST GET LIFE INSURANCE (plus maybe a CRITICAL ILLNESS COVER).

Just think about it, If something happened to a working parent (one who partly or wholly responsible for bills etc) like death or critical illness (ex:heart attack, stroke, cancer etc) it is almost sure that your family will feel the burden financially.

I heard depressing stories of people who LOST IT ALL due to massive hospital bills. Truth is, Death and critical illness can wipe your bank accounts to ZERO and because of that a coverage would be nice just in case a horrible thing happened.

Just last month, I enetered a new venture to join PRU LIFE UK and was licensed to offer their products and hopefully I can help other parents, like me, to realized the beauty of having a ‘safety net’ in life.

MOB# 09328101210


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