everyday with my son

Small stories of how it all went along


Being a dad is about being there for your kids and making sure, to the best of what you know, that they will learn how to be good adults. BUT the other thing that a dad really needs is to have available MONEY always. Losing that valuable asset make you a bit less of a dad. I know, good things in life is free and all that stuff but in reality that is not the case, great things are expensive (really).

I am on the brink of not having much, I can ignore it at times and not think about it but in few moments of soltitude thoughts of money will come to shake my senses in a painful way.

I can maybe one day swallow my ego and take a low paying job so I can have a few to spare or just walk away from the whole frenzy called life. Both sounds to be a good solution but are also sad options to take.

I dont know….


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2 thoughts on “Dada

  1. Hang on, man. Don’t give up before the great moment happens – and it will. They usually do. The key is to recognize it when it comes instead of after it’s passed you by.

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