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Going out to play is an activity that is really worth doing. I can let my son gambol around without the worry of him crashing to a hard wall or an cast iron kitchenware falling on his head. It is relatively safe, provided we go there on a weekday and right just after it open, but bigger kids can be a hazzard to my 3 year and 2 months son as they are faster and stronger. They can easily smashed any young kid when they land from their high jumps or bump them from their sprints.

I see to it that I come with him and protect him for a possible bodily harm from other kids. I try to make it fun without being to protective. I still want him to fall and get a few minor scrapes but not really grave accidents (obviously). I hover around half the time and do what any “helicopter parent” would.

It is a little pricey for 235 an hour but I think any kid can have a goodtime there. It is really a lot of fun and time flies fast.. and so does my money.



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