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Last night was a frightful one, and to think it is 3 days before chirstmas, a fire broke out about 60 meters away from us. We thought our sunday will end just like any uneventful night but we are so wrong.

Everyone from our neighborhood just watch helplessly as the blaze go higher and smell of burning plastic and wood filled the night. Great thing, mum is among the first one who saw the fire and hurriedly took Kenzo out of harm’s way, to his grandma’s house 2kms away.

I was just coming out of the shower and was startled with shouts of warning from downstairs. Confusion, worry, panic was the norm but luckyly am just a bit perturbed as I felt we are not in the danger zone YET. I felt a harsh gush of wind toward us plus a fierce blaze will be the unfortunate cocktail to put us in real trouble. At that moment we are not there yet, but we can get easily be.

We packed important and our expensive stuff, placed it in the car and parked in a safe place.

I saw our peaceful neighborhood shocked and in disbelief with the incident in front of us. I even saw an old lady reading some prayer book in a curb. Goodthing, in after 3 hours of ordeal all did end.. in a few minutes all went back to normal and back to, maybe, preparing again for chirstmas.




I used to not beleive in Insurance, maybe because on how agents hardsell them. I used to hate it and would not even inquire about it for fear of being pester with a sale.

Until one day Suze Orman went to the Philippines and was interviewd by Karen Davila on ANC. She spoke about how important to be protected by a coverage.

She said, If someone is dependent on you for financial support you need insurance! So, if u are a parent with young kids YOU MUST GET LIFE INSURANCE (plus maybe a CRITICAL ILLNESS COVER).

Just think about it, If something happened to a working parent (one who partly or wholly responsible for bills etc) like death or critical illness (ex:heart attack, stroke, cancer etc) it is almost sure that your family will feel the burden financially.

I heard depressing stories of people who LOST IT ALL due to massive hospital bills. Truth is, Death and critical illness can wipe your bank accounts to ZERO and because of that a coverage would be nice just in case a horrible thing happened.

Just last month, I enetered a new venture to join PRU LIFE UK and was licensed to offer their products and hopefully I can help other parents, like me, to realized the beauty of having a ‘safety net’ in life.

MOB# 09328101210


Being a dad is about being there for your kids and making sure, to the best of what you know, that they will learn how to be good adults. BUT the other thing that a dad really needs is to have available MONEY always. Losing that valuable asset make you a bit less of a dad. I know, good things in life is free and all that stuff but in reality that is not the case, great things are expensive (really).

I am on the brink of not having much, I can ignore it at times and not think about it but in few moments of soltitude thoughts of money will come to shake my senses in a painful way.

I can maybe one day swallow my ego and take a low paying job so I can have a few to spare or just walk away from the whole frenzy called life. Both sounds to be a good solution but are also sad options to take.

I dont know….

Dayout at SM

Going out to play is an activity that is really worth doing. I can let my son gambol around without the worry of him crashing to a hard wall or an cast iron kitchenware falling on his head. It is relatively safe, provided we go there on a weekday and right just after it open, but bigger kids can be a hazzard to my 3 year and 2 months son as they are faster and stronger. They can easily smashed any young kid when they land from their high jumps or bump them from their sprints.

I see to it that I come with him and protect him for a possible bodily harm from other kids. I try to make it fun without being to protective. I still want him to fall and get a few minor scrapes but not really grave accidents (obviously). I hover around half the time and do what any “helicopter parent” would.

It is a little pricey for 235 an hour but I think any kid can have a goodtime there. It is really a lot of fun and time flies fast.. and so does my money.


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