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IPAD Nanny

Iphones, Ipads and other smartphones are the new nannies. If your kid is at the height of his tantrums we instinctivly give an Ipad to our kids to “muff” them. Yes, there are educational apps available and can certainly improve some of their skills. BUT sad part is, some needed skills are not excercised as much and one of those is writing skills.

Just today, I am now planning on how to make him hold a pen the proper way and not by grabbing it in his fist.

I am currently on the early stage of teaching him and so far it is not that easy. It is not just showing him how to hold a pencil but also convincing him that it is wrong to hold it the way he does it, I know it can be uncomfortable to hold it the normal way but that is the only way to write. I cannot just go, “look at my fingers and copy it”. There should be a slow build up ’till he get it.

He needed now to practice his finger and hand muscles to write nicely.. hopefully I get to teach him nicely… but how? Wait! maybe there is an APP to help me.


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