everyday with my son

Small stories of how it all went along

Typhoon Yolanda and my son.

The country was struck by a devastating one and I know it is just the start of something more horrible. Since Katrina battered New Orleans and Manila by Milenyo, only few months apart, it pushed me to be aware of Climate Change. The ‘Incovenient Truth’ video of Al Gore was my first follwed by De Caprio’s 12th Hour and followed by other documentaries, videos, writeups etc.

It is obvious how life is going to change for the worst, especially in Manila since we get most of the world’s storm.

The severe weather conditions is real and sadly it is in this hard way Pinoys will slowly learn more about it.

I am very worried for my son and what his futire is gonna be like. I know if this whole mess wont be reversed he is up for a tough life. The super Typhoon wont be the last and it wont always miss Manila. The time will come a big one will ram us, as typhoon will be more nastier and more frequent.

UN even tagged the Philippines among the worst hit of Climate Change. I fear about the future and how it will all change us.

I saw videos and Photos of the destruction and I thought, it could be us. If only the wind shifted upward and not toward central Philippines, the man I saw carrying a dead child could have been me or someone I know, a very scary thought.


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