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California Dreamin’ II


For the third time since Kenzo was born I again travelled. This time it is not Australia but in California USA. Just like the two previous trips to Sydney and Melbourne, I again was wrapped with worry and homesickness.

Vacation and tours are meant to be fully enjoyed, because it dont happen everyday and not made on a whim. Unfortunately, during downtime (just like in previuos vacations) I again feel worry and my thoughts are filled with “what-ifs”. I also feel gulit as I get to enjoy the beauty of other countries while he is at home stucked in the same place.

I been to alot of places on this trip. I arrived in San Francisco, stayed in Los Angeles, eat out in Vegas, stayed in Arizona (border) for 5 minutes, and drove around North California, Menlo Park etc…

It is supposed to be a fun time but without kenzo in tow the goodtimes diminished a bit.. well, maybe, probably next time.


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