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California dreamin’

It happened before when we flew to Sydney and Melbourne, it was a painful trip for me due to the fact that we are leaving kenzo behind. I am not able to handle that smoothly, as our vacation was squeezed with some “senti” moments. I know trips are supposed to be enjoyed but I had difficulty adjusting to that. I filled my downtime with worries, ponder with ‘what if’ questions and always had a tendency to assume the worst etc. It is 4 days before we leave but as early as now I felt I ‘wanna go home’ already, Yeah I know, I have not left yet but I wanna go home, strange right?. 🙂

I said to myself before that I wont leave again on a long trip without him, BUT in less that a week we are on our way to California again leaving without Kenzo. I am predicting that it is gonna be a self-imposed torture once again and it will be as uncomfortable as putting underwear backwards.

Maybe, it is gonna be a different one as I am gonna visit my sister and her family and move around California in a past paced way.. all squished in a short time. I will also be driving there and hopefully all will be well.

I know it is gonna be tough, dont know if I gonna enjoy it as much as I am supposed to… I just pray, hope and wish that it will be over in the least painful swipe.


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