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No longer DADA?

Kenzo used to call me DADA or simply just D.A. but for some reason, after my USA trip I am no longer called those names but it is now DADDY. I kinda still like my old names and still have not warmed-up to DADDY, so I try to insert DADA or D.A. to our conversations but he is now stucked and preferred the new one.

It is just a weird and immediate, seemingly overnight transformation to the new name. After the trip, when I arrived he just called me DADDY without a suggestion or prodding from anyone.

But whatever he calls me it is fine… but If I am the one who will make a choice I think D.A. is pretty cool… or is it?


We are back!


I arrived from my 2 week USA vacation 2 days ago. We arrive in Manila at 4am and reached our house at around 7am (we were picked late).

Mum drove and when we arrived, she get to go down first and meet Kenzo while I still try to wiggle myself out because of a luggage on my lap. Mum was welcomed by a screaming-wide eyed and very happy Kenzo. They hug for a moment and do some chit-chats. When I reached the door he saw me but his reaction is more tame compared to his reation to his mum. It is more of a silent reaction and he just hug me quietly and tightly. It is different, quite soothing, and moving or dramatic maybe. It is quite difficult to explain. It made me happy and proud, and also one I know I wont forget.

California Dreamin’ II


For the third time since Kenzo was born I again travelled. This time it is not Australia but in California USA. Just like the two previous trips to Sydney and Melbourne, I again was wrapped with worry and homesickness.

Vacation and tours are meant to be fully enjoyed, because it dont happen everyday and not made on a whim. Unfortunately, during downtime (just like in previuos vacations) I again feel worry and my thoughts are filled with “what-ifs”. I also feel gulit as I get to enjoy the beauty of other countries while he is at home stucked in the same place.

I been to alot of places on this trip. I arrived in San Francisco, stayed in Los Angeles, eat out in Vegas, stayed in Arizona (border) for 5 minutes, and drove around North California, Menlo Park etc…

It is supposed to be a fun time but without kenzo in tow the goodtimes diminished a bit.. well, maybe, probably next time.

California dreamin’

It happened before when we flew to Sydney and Melbourne, it was a painful trip for me due to the fact that we are leaving kenzo behind. I am not able to handle that smoothly, as our vacation was squeezed with some “senti” moments. I know trips are supposed to be enjoyed but I had difficulty adjusting to that. I filled my downtime with worries, ponder with ‘what if’ questions and always had a tendency to assume the worst etc. It is 4 days before we leave but as early as now I felt I ‘wanna go home’ already, Yeah I know, I have not left yet but I wanna go home, strange right?. 🙂

I said to myself before that I wont leave again on a long trip without him, BUT in less that a week we are on our way to California again leaving without Kenzo. I am predicting that it is gonna be a self-imposed torture once again and it will be as uncomfortable as putting underwear backwards.

Maybe, it is gonna be a different one as I am gonna visit my sister and her family and move around California in a past paced way.. all squished in a short time. I will also be driving there and hopefully all will be well.

I know it is gonna be tough, dont know if I gonna enjoy it as much as I am supposed to… I just pray, hope and wish that it will be over in the least painful swipe.

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