everyday with my son

Small stories of how it all went along

Why worry?

I am maybe, perhaps a worrier before Kenzo but now I am hell a lot of a worrier than before. I worry about the unlikely possibilty of him being kidnap and made to a beggar, or maybe an car accident will happen and he will thrown away from our vehicle, or get lost somewhere and even the weather situation 10 years from now on how it will affect his future.

The possiblity of those happening can be low but I still worry and justify it by saying “what if?”. I hope to snap out of it but it seems it is in me, i maybe need a doctor to have it smashed out of my psyche.

I know it is not how life should be lived and I am making life a bit hard and it gets in the way of being happy and enjoying the short, wonderful and boisterous moments of his toddler years… but then again, ‘what if?’


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