everyday with my son

Small stories of how it all went along

The one at Fun Ranch

Last week was a blast and you have paraded your uber active play. The first one was when your Tita brought you to Fun ranch. It is a gigantic indoor playground and every moment of it was enjoyable to you, in fact, you spent quite while re-telling how you fell while playing to anyone who asked you about it.

The next one was at Mcdonalds, where your Aunt Ting, Tita and Mum brought you there for breakfast and when your mum told me of the wild stories you had. She said, you keep on shouting, ran all around and even snarled at a man who was just looking at you.

The one was just 2 days ago, you went to your Uncle Raymond’s house for a dinner party and you played with Blythe. I was told that it was a noisy, loud and crazy night of singing and running around. you played with Blythe endlessly and wont stop even when it is few minutes before midnight. Your Mum need to force you to go home because it was late and way, way past your bedtime.

Everyone are happy that you are very active and hyper, but also it is a source of tense moments. We sometimes hope that you tone it down a bit or you to calm down but overall, inspite of some scary and embarrassing moments, it is still a joyful time.



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