everyday with my son

Small stories of how it all went along


He is getting heavy. as he grew taller, and heftier.. he is getting real heavy. It is now a challenge to carry him around when going up and down the stairs ( to be faster and for safety reason ) or when he refused to just walk.

Getting a stroller is not an option ’cause it is expensive and knowing him, he wont allow to be strapped there for more than 15 minutes. Asking him to walk is a good but sometimes he wont or worst he will run away from us. It probably a funny sight on how we (while carrying bags of groceries) chase a toddler around the mall.

When he was very young I used to say, “kenzo is a workout.” Now that he is much faster, stronger and faster.. he is no longer just a workout but a tough triathlon.


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One thought on “Kilos

  1. Perhaps if you got him rollerblades he wouldn’t want you to carry him… although then you are in for a whole new set of problems

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