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Went inside his school yesterday and talked to his teacher. It was a neat place and his teacher was accommodating. After introducing myself, I quickly asked for a permission to watch him on the CCTV. It is one thing I am dying to do and exicited to have that chance.

As I mentoned in my previous post, we are very curious on how he act at school. We know him at home as wild and uber joyous but how he acts far from his ‘comfort zone’ and people he knew is a thing I wanna discover.

I was told that he acts nicely and respectfully towards his teacher and classmates and no reported incident involving him except a minor one. Again the teacher told me he is observant and acts very happy if he accomplished a task.

I captured the CCTV using my phone (but Kenzo deleted half of it that night ). He was just doing his thing and very behave compared to how he is at home. But in one instance, where all the kids are asked to walked on the red line around the classroom.. I saw him playfully walk backwards and not like the others, at the back of my mind and without telling it to the teacher, I am thinking that might be the start in peeling his real exuberant & mischeivous self.


Not eating

He is now 2 years and 9 months. He is still not eating almost all solid foods. He can eat some but rarely does he do it. His normal breakfast routine would be sausages and a yougurt milk. during the day he will snack on some crackers, wafers or cookies; while other kids his age can finish a plate of spaghetti.

It is starting to worry us a bit but we knew one day he will wake up hungry for a rice meal or a sandwich. We talked to his pedia doctor about it and he said a specialist will conclude it to be a “one child syndrome”.

I think he needs to eat with other kids so he can be influenced or we can just wait for that day for a miracle to happen. Eating is a human need and it is absolutely sure that one day ( I just dont know when ) he will stumble upon how wonderful eating is… hopefully soon.


He is getting heavy. as he grew taller, and heftier.. he is getting real heavy. It is now a challenge to carry him around when going up and down the stairs ( to be faster and for safety reason ) or when he refused to just walk.

Getting a stroller is not an option ’cause it is expensive and knowing him, he wont allow to be strapped there for more than 15 minutes. Asking him to walk is a good but sometimes he wont or worst he will run away from us. It probably a funny sight on how we (while carrying bags of groceries) chase a toddler around the mall.

When he was very young I used to say, “kenzo is a workout.” Now that he is much faster, stronger and faster.. he is no longer just a workout but a tough triathlon.

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