everyday with my son

Small stories of how it all went along

The one about School

Mum called school earlier and asked how you have been coping. For days we are kinda worried on how you have been doing in school. Since we know that you can be a bit bratty and hyper, we wanted to know how you act away from us.

We got real nice response from the teacher and she told Mum that you are very observant (a trait we already noticed since you were very young ) and able to follow instructions and cooperated with everyone during activities. She also mentioned that you are a happy little kid and they like you for being attentive.

To us, we see you as a charming little devil boy but we are of course bias but we often asks does others find you the same way. The call from the teacher agreed with what we know about you. They say the teachers like you for being playful and how you listen to them. They like you.. those are others, independent, (almost) strangers who liked you and that in a way confirmed that you can be probably likeable.

I was driving when I heard the news and it really brought me almost to tears. I got emotional knowing that you are coping well and you are doing a fine job. It is hard to explain, but those two little good things from the teacher makes me smile and almost cry at exactly the same time.


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