everyday with my son

Small stories of how it all went along

Sack of rocks

He is getting heavy and carrying him is like dragging a sack of rocks. The saddest part is, on shinny floors in the mall he still refuses to walk. We have to haul him and pass him around while the other will rest his arms and spine. He just won’t walk on shinny floors and we can even see his legs shake a bit from being afraid to make his steps.

Carrying him on short distance is fine and tolerable but for more about 20 mins it can be tough. My arms will fatigued and my back gets tight.

Yesterday I had a talked with my sister and she suggested to buy a stroller so we can just push him around. I dont know if he would sit there for a long time but that suggestion seems logical.

I thought, we already went past the stroller period when he learned to walk.. not knowing that we will one day comeback to it if we dont want to own a dislocated joint.


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