everyday with my son

Small stories of how it all went along

Father’s day

Another father’s day went past uncelebrated. Which is great, actually. Really, it is just a made-up holiday and a chance for restaurants, gift shops to earn.

The day started, a few minutes after we all woke up, when Mum whispered to kenzo to great me happy father’s day. Kenzo turned his face towards me and shouted, “Happy MOTHER’S DAY!!! Dada!”

I was busy the whole day of father’s day and spent it fixing stuff at our condo. It was a tiring, fruitful day and no mention or sign of father’s day ( which is how I like it).

The day ended with a semblance of celebration.. we got a tasty Pork (country style cut) Barbie and mashed potatoes. It was a grilled pork cooked nicely to end another fine day.


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