everyday with my son

Small stories of how it all went along

First day of school

There is something about water that transform little kids to added level of playfulness. It gives us them a little push to be less shy. It is maybe similiar to the effect of alchohol on grown-ups.

On his first day at his “real” school, he started out in a wrong way. he protests and demanded to go home. In the first few minutes, he maybe blurted several “I dont like!” already.

Goodthing, Mum had an idea of bringing him to the faucet where he can wash his hands. Mum lets him play with the water for several minutes to hopefully to make him comfortable. And Viola! It actually worked. He suddenly went back to his normal ways and satrted to play with other kids.

On his first day, he started to learn the value of getting along and sharing.

It is a nice moment to learn that Kenzo is starting to learn (one by one) the good side about the world.


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