everyday with my son

Small stories of how it all went along

Zombie Game


He calls it Zombie Game. I still don’t know why, maybe because he falls like dead zombies on video games. It is his own game and he just created it and only plays it with me (cause others wont allow him).

This game is a bit extereme and involves stunt-like acrobatics. It will start by gathering his momementum from about 8 ft and will violently dive to a pile of stacked pillows. When we first played it was fun but lately am very worried that it might lead to an accident and hurt one of his young bones. If he dive in a wrong way he can hurt his neck or back and if he overshoots he might hit his head on to the wall.

I often protest when he would asked me to play this and I would even pretend sleeping or tired… but unfortunately i never won.

As a solution, I just catch him with a pillow to make sure he would land safely. We do it for about a few times and will asked him to change the game. Goodthing, after a few tries he would also get tired of it.

It is not the best game out there but he likes it and I just hope everything will be safe… and maybe one day he would develop a liking to playing silent and easy games.



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