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The one about School

Mum called school earlier and asked how you have been coping. For days we are kinda worried on how you have been doing in school. Since we know that you can be a bit bratty and hyper, we wanted to know how you act away from us.

We got real nice response from the teacher and she told Mum that you are very observant (a trait we already noticed since you were very young ) and able to follow instructions and cooperated with everyone during activities. She also mentioned that you are a happy little kid and they like you for being attentive.

To us, we see you as a charming little devil boy but we are of course bias but we often asks does others find you the same way. The call from the teacher agreed with what we know about you. They say the teachers like you for being playful and how you listen to them. They like you.. those are others, independent, (almost) strangers who liked you and that in a way confirmed that you can be probably likeable.

I was driving when I heard the news and it really brought me almost to tears. I got emotional knowing that you are coping well and you are doing a fine job. It is hard to explain, but those two little good things from the teacher makes me smile and almost cry at exactly the same time.


Father’s day

Another father’s day went past uncelebrated. Which is great, actually. Really, it is just a made-up holiday and a chance for restaurants, gift shops to earn.

The day started, a few minutes after we all woke up, when Mum whispered to kenzo to great me happy father’s day. Kenzo turned his face towards me and shouted, “Happy MOTHER’S DAY!!! Dada!”

I was busy the whole day of father’s day and spent it fixing stuff at our condo. It was a tiring, fruitful day and no mention or sign of father’s day ( which is how I like it).

The day ended with a semblance of celebration.. we got a tasty Pork (country style cut) Barbie and mashed potatoes. It was a grilled pork cooked nicely to end another fine day.

Sack of rocks

He is getting heavy and carrying him is like dragging a sack of rocks. The saddest part is, on shinny floors in the mall he still refuses to walk. We have to haul him and pass him around while the other will rest his arms and spine. He just won’t walk on shinny floors and we can even see his legs shake a bit from being afraid to make his steps.

Carrying him on short distance is fine and tolerable but for more about 20 mins it can be tough. My arms will fatigued and my back gets tight.

Yesterday I had a talked with my sister and she suggested to buy a stroller so we can just push him around. I dont know if he would sit there for a long time but that suggestion seems logical.

I thought, we already went past the stroller period when he learned to walk.. not knowing that we will one day comeback to it if we dont want to own a dislocated joint.


This is the day he called his “thing” a tail. It was one active saturday morning, mum and I was playing with Kenzo and then he blurted “TAIL!”, “KENZO’S TAIL!” and he laughed and we loudly did too.

Not even contented about his discovery, he even went up the sofa and shouted “HEY! EVERYBODY TAIL!”

We dont have an idea how why he called his ‘thing’ a “tail”. We are sure none of the adults or playmates would have suggested that or on any of the programs he watched. We have a theory though, he just cleverly figured it out.

It is one of these things being with Kenzo is fun because we will never know what to expect and he is good at making funny exaggerations and associations.

First day of school

There is something about water that transform little kids to added level of playfulness. It gives us them a little push to be less shy. It is maybe similiar to the effect of alchohol on grown-ups.

On his first day at his “real” school, he started out in a wrong way. he protests and demanded to go home. In the first few minutes, he maybe blurted several “I dont like!” already.

Goodthing, Mum had an idea of bringing him to the faucet where he can wash his hands. Mum lets him play with the water for several minutes to hopefully to make him comfortable. And Viola! It actually worked. He suddenly went back to his normal ways and satrted to play with other kids.

On his first day, he started to learn the value of getting along and sharing.

It is a nice moment to learn that Kenzo is starting to learn (one by one) the good side about the world.

Zombie Game


He calls it Zombie Game. I still don’t know why, maybe because he falls like dead zombies on video games. It is his own game and he just created it and only plays it with me (cause others wont allow him).

This game is a bit extereme and involves stunt-like acrobatics. It will start by gathering his momementum from about 8 ft and will violently dive to a pile of stacked pillows. When we first played it was fun but lately am very worried that it might lead to an accident and hurt one of his young bones. If he dive in a wrong way he can hurt his neck or back and if he overshoots he might hit his head on to the wall.

I often protest when he would asked me to play this and I would even pretend sleeping or tired… but unfortunately i never won.

As a solution, I just catch him with a pillow to make sure he would land safely. We do it for about a few times and will asked him to change the game. Goodthing, after a few tries he would also get tired of it.

It is not the best game out there but he likes it and I just hope everything will be safe… and maybe one day he would develop a liking to playing silent and easy games.


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