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Everything that he owns and wanted to have are “MINE”. Right now he asserts his territory and his ownership of things by saying a loud and confident “MINE!”.

He gets in a bind at timnes when there are other kids playing with him. It is also an issue at Toy Stores and Playgrounds where he get irritated when other kids uses his favorite stuff.

I try to plead with him and ask him to share but my request are all for naught. If he wont get his way he will cry loudly or throw tantrums and it goes without saying that it is not a good sight.

Goodthing it is just a stage, in a year or sooner he will slowly learn to let go and will start to share. Sharing is one great step towards cooperation and building friendship and a trait every kid needs to understand.



I would not describe my son as shy, I think he is outgoing but in certain times, when in a new situation, he would suddenly shift to being shy.

If in a new surrounding and when we kinda force him to interact he would go in his ‘shell’ and hide a bit. He sometimes look down, hide behind our legs, or look away and ignore everyone. This would last for about a few minutes but after getting used to the surroundings he would relax and be normal in his old wild, exuberant ways.

The world is not made for shy people, it is for socialable people and being an extrovert brings tons of advantages and it is a trait that I hope he would happily embrace.

Back again

After bein’ away for almost three months, I am happy to update this blog. I chose to concentrate on other stuff that I hoped to end up in a really nice way but turned out to be a dud.

Hopefully, can recount nice things that happened in the last three months and have it updated here. 🙂

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