everyday with my son

Small stories of how it all went along

Angry Birds

I know he is a bit late to join the “angry birds party” and it was only now that he got a liking for it. First, he was not yet born when the Angry Bird mania happened and he is just 2 years old… so i guess that explained it all. Anyway, kenzo have gone crazy from beak to talons (or whatever the feet of birds are called). His love for it started when the game was introduced to him and he have not looked back since.

Anything about Angry Birds is a moment for him. In the mall, he would always be the first one to spot Angry Bird merchandise and will call out to have it purchased and if we wont, we gotta prepare for a tantrum meltdown.

We already purchased shirts, floor mats, toys, bags etc.. and still wants more.

Life is about many phases and one day he will move on to his next “love”, it will be a series of likes and dislikes as he go through his happy life…



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