everyday with my son

Small stories of how it all went along


We are just amazed with how you remember things. The first time we noticed was when you were about 5 months, we brought you for your monthly vaccine shot and when you noticed the doctor’s clinic and you were in for another shot you cried and protested loudly. On the way home, me and mum were surprised about what just had happened. We cannot fathom how could you remember your doctor, the clinic and the hospital.

As months passed by, you continually dazzled us. You remembered places, directions, and, of course, your doctor (for obvious reason ).

Going to the mall is a something you always remembered and would let us hear about it when we make a wrong detour. We find it incredible and funny when you correct our directions to places you wanna go to.

Every parents thinks their kid is the smartest and we are not exempted from that. but hopefully you will be…


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