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I call this past few weeks civil war. It is been a fight and there are no truce in sight. Lately my son was fighting for his independence we fight back with discipline. He shouts and we will tell him to stop. He will throw tantrums and we command him to respect. It is a see-saw battle between us and our son. So far, he is winning but we aint just going to give up that easy.

A day will come, hopefully sooner than later, that he must know respect, how to act in social situations and in public places. I know he is too young to understand it all now but in a few months he gotta learn.

It is tough to discpline and if I have my choice I wont do it and let my son do his thing, anyway the time will come that he will outgrow spitting and crawling in the middle of the supermarket; but as a parent it is one of those things I gotta do. It does not feel right shouting at your son or hitting the palm of his hand so that he would listen. A part of me is telling me that am doing it wrong and maybe there is a better way. It is in a way confusing and we try to learn as we move along and really it aint that simple.

In the end of it all, he is our son and we love him dearly but keeping him “in line” is a tough one and when you muse about all of it you’d wished that babies should come out with a handy Operation Manual.



We are just amazed with how you remember things. The first time we noticed was when you were about 5 months, we brought you for your monthly vaccine shot and when you noticed the doctor’s clinic and you were in for another shot you cried and protested loudly. On the way home, me and mum were surprised about what just had happened. We cannot fathom how could you remember your doctor, the clinic and the hospital.

As months passed by, you continually dazzled us. You remembered places, directions, and, of course, your doctor (for obvious reason ).

Going to the mall is a something you always remembered and would let us hear about it when we make a wrong detour. We find it incredible and funny when you correct our directions to places you wanna go to.

Every parents thinks their kid is the smartest and we are not exempted from that. but hopefully you will be…

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