everyday with my son

Small stories of how it all went along


About a month ago was when he discovered his shadow. It was a funny moment watching him very amused with that black thing on the floor. He has a befuddled look on his face and seems to be asking why it was following him. He tried to run away and move around to lose it but (of course) to no avail.

In the first few minutes, he was quite sacred but eventually got used to it when I showed him that everything (including me) has a shadow and at night when it is dark a light will always cast one. I assured him that he don’t need to be afraid because it wont harm him.

It is a such a wonderful thing to watch your child grow as he start to discover and learn more about his surrounding.

It always made me happy knowing that I am there at that moment when he discovered silly, little things…. like his shadow.


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