everyday with my son

Small stories of how it all went along


After a brief moment on the “cute stage” we are now entering the “civil disobedience stage”. After turning 2 we noticed that he is now slowly claiming is independence in a boisterous way.

We often go to the mall, at least once a week, and often it is in these situations that he parade his tantrums to get his way. There are loud shierks, slumping on the floor, shouts, fake cries etc.

We are in a bind during these moments. We want to teach him a lesson on how to act properly in public but his creative tantrums are gathering attention, curious look, and (sometimes) dagger stare from others. We are left with only an option and that is to give in and just plan to do a better job in controlling his actions the next time.

I personally feel that it is too early to make him an adult and follow the social rules. But I also fear that one day I would wake up and say that it had gotten too late.

Parenting is finding the right balance of many things and sadly, it is not as easy as it looks.


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