everyday with my son

Small stories of how it all went along


TOUGH LOVE: It is easy to say it but hard for me to do.

Parenting is a balance between caring and discipline. Parents should decide on what will be the best for the child, children still dont understand the norms in the adult world. To a child, all toys inside a toy store can be picked and brought home, food are ok to be eaten off the floor and Barney is really a dinosaur and not a fluffy costume with a person inside.

I have difficulty doing the “TOUGH LOVE”, yesterday he spread Oreo Cookie crumbs on the bed and floor. He was asking for more cookies not to eat but to play with. Any parent naturally would resist and will try to teach his/her child a lesson, intially that was the plan, but i had it hard when he started to cry.

I can stand the HU-HU-HU-HU and WAAAAAAHHH part but what I cannot stand is the word DADA mixed into it. He would start by crying WAAAHHH and HUHUHU but when he do it WAAAAHHH DA-DA DA-DAAAAAHH HUHUHU where the word DADA is mixed into it it is hard for me to resist.

There is some sweetness when your child calls your name for help and no matter how I fight it I would eventually melt.

Sadly I am a such a weakling, but on the bright side, he is just 2 year and a week old and I still have a bit of a time to toughen up.


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