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Self defense for Toddlers?

My son is not exposed to violence. He dont see nor experience it. He watches nice colorful shows like Disney Channel, Cars, Barney, Elmo and domestic violence does not exist in our home. We dont discipline him by smacking his nead or whipping his behind. For him violence is an alien term.

Unfortunately, there are kids who came from a fucked up families and raised by morons. These kids has or will come in contact with my kid at public places like playgrounds, play areas in malls, toy stores… These are rude, geeky kids and as stupid as their parents.

Yesterday, we are at the Play area of ALabang Town Center and my son was playing drums, then a nerdy, fat kid wearing thick glasses, who is around 7-8 years old, grabbed the drumsticks from my son. Naturally, my son who will be just 2 years old will cry and would not be able to understand why the other kid would take his toy away, but what is saddest about it is his mum just watched what his fat kid did.

At that moment, I want to smash the kid’s face on the drums and play the intro of Metallica’s Enter Sandman with it, but that would be seen as childish. I also want to shout at his parents and bang the head of his mum to his geek dad’s empty head, but that would be a criminal offense.

After a couple of minutes, I took a small basketball and bounced it to hit the kid in the head but too bad it missed. I did not have another chance because geeky kid left after the ball grazed his head.

It is a tough moment for every parent to see his small child bullied by a bigger child like that. Most parents would have the tendency to let norms and civility to take a back seat over the human instinct to protect. ( and maybe to get revenge, to maim, to kill or just hit others with a basketball )

Sadly, children’s world is slowly becoming like the harsh adult world. Their world used to be just playing and having fun but, it seems, now it is getting to be as unfriendly as ours.


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3 thoughts on “Self defense for Toddlers?

  1. Parenting is a tough job, and some could use a little extra help. Step in when needed, role model like crazy, and be the positive educator that this child may not receive at home!

  2. Uh oh. I’d hate that too.
    My 5 year old innocent nephew once said a bad word and it just irked me! I asked him gently where he got that word from; he told me from his playmates outside. It was heartbreaking because he doesn’t know that what he said is really really bad.

  3. dreaming of Tahoe, Yep, I agree! it is TOUGH .Thanks

    zezil, bad words are really everywhere, I dont think I can protect my son from it aand best I can do is delay it na lang. 🙂

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