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Dispensible Dada

Somehow, I can feel that it is about to end. I can sense that the end is a bit near, about a left turn away and the road will end. I know, I milked the situation long enough and leaving is the only thing left to do. I have been a deadweight, deadwood and all other ‘dead’ things.

I really, really wanna stay longer, but why? What do I have to offer except for my delussional dreams and my colorful destruction of nice things about life. Really? Why do I have to stay?

I dont have the monopoly of good ideas, I dont have an excellent parenting skills, am not a champion of kindness and my personality is an interesting as a paperclip. The only thing I can offer is love and sadly, truth is, that is not enough.

Just this morning I realized, a father is not indispensible. It can be replaced, others can take my place and will do a better job than me. I may love my son more than anyone else (except his mum) but other than that I dont have anything to offer.

I hope am better but I am not.



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2 thoughts on “Dispensible Dada

  1. Ow. Hope things will get better soon for you Sir.
    I’m not sure if this will be related but we think (my brother and I) our dad used to think we love our mother more than we love him but that isn’t true! Both of them are great! I guess we were just more comfortable showing our love to our mom than to our dad. But we do drop some I love yous also. We love em both. And maybe, the same goes for you po with your kids. (Sorry for the lengthy comment)

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