everyday with my son

Small stories of how it all went along

Depression I

Depression is a tough gig, though it is present 24/7, suferers can have a temporay relief from it and be able to act normally for a period. It can be stashed in a corner temporarily and will just sprung out when it needs to or when it is ‘time”. Relief are just temporary, unless maybe you seek professional help (which can be very expensive) and before you know it dark clouds are once again all over you.

Playing with your child is one of those temporary “highs”. Talking to him, playing with him, seeing him grow etc are always happy moments and no amount of sadness can push it away.

Being a parent with depression is no joke. You know one day “blues” can end it all. It can just make you quit and give up. It is always hard to think that one day it can happen. I may not know when will it be but deep inside you just know someday, somehow it all STOP.


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