everyday with my son

Small stories of how it all went along


Being a parent is stressful and the reward you get are cute smiles and expressions, yeah, It may not look like it but the stress are all worth it (I hope).

I need to be constantly alert, always on guard like a zookeeper brushing a hungry lion’s teeth. I cannot take my eyes away from my son as he might stumble into the glass sliding door, hit his head on the floor, eat soap, or plug his fingers in the wall socket.

A toddler is constantly in motion, running, hopping, singing, blabbing etc. They are easily bored and full of energy. They constantly exert their independence and will show creative, wild tantrums to win it.

At night they may sleep like an angel but I still need to be on guard and always ready to wake up to make his milk, change diapers, adjust the aircon, re-arrange his/her blankets etc.

When they say being a parent is a 25 hr day job—really, they are not exaggerating.


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