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Our vacation started with a wild entrance of kenzo in the lobby. He immediately found an opportunity to explode his boisterous ways. He wildly run, skip, gambol around, sat on the receptionist desk and says “HI” in a welcoming tone. A fountain also caught his attention and even pulled the receptionist to show it to her. He was continuously, blabbing and running the whole time. Others ignored him and some was quite amazed on how hyper he can be. The Hotel staff are accomodating and happily played with Kenzo for a while.

Acacia Hotel, is located in Alabang in Metro Manila, is as nice as any of the top hotels but what set it apart is the nice people the works there. They all sounded warm and sincere. I know they would forget about us and we are just one of the many customers to them but they talk and treat us in a ‘real’ friendly way.

The room was nice and very neat. It has a wide window that offers a nice view of Alabang. Wifi is unexpectedly available for free, however it will logoff after about 10 minutes.

One of the things we look for the hotel is the carpet. We prefer to stay in hotel with a carpet because Kenzo will be running around, inside and outside the room, at least the carpet can soften his fall in case of an accident. Acacia Hotel has that and it is very well-kept.

They also gave surprised us with nice freebies like cookies for Kenzo and a banana cake. It was indeed a happy vacation for us and thanks to the staff of Acacia Hotel for making that. We will definetely look forward to coming back and hopefully they will still be as friendly the next time.


Toddler says NO.

My son don’t just say “no”. He says “NO!!“All caps, in bold letters, and with exclamation marks.

I want to correct this but I feel he might be too young to understand however if I waited too long it might be late to fix it.

Right now, I am planning my next step on how to correct this attitude. I am afraid that he might just turn into a bratty kid one morning that everyone loves to hate.

Is it right to “put my foot down” now or just let it pass as it is just an ordinary toddler phase?

While I am busy deciding, I guess just have to bear the occasional bursts of “NO!!” and stomach it for the meantime.


Being a parent is stressful and the reward you get are cute smiles and expressions, yeah, It may not look like it but the stress are all worth it (I hope).

I need to be constantly alert, always on guard like a zookeeper brushing a hungry lion’s teeth. I cannot take my eyes away from my son as he might stumble into the glass sliding door, hit his head on the floor, eat soap, or plug his fingers in the wall socket.

A toddler is constantly in motion, running, hopping, singing, blabbing etc. They are easily bored and full of energy. They constantly exert their independence and will show creative, wild tantrums to win it.

At night they may sleep like an angel but I still need to be on guard and always ready to wake up to make his milk, change diapers, adjust the aircon, re-arrange his/her blankets etc.

When they say being a parent is a 25 hr day job—really, they are not exaggerating.

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